Sunday, May 22, 2011

All in a normal day

I make at least a weekly trip to my favorite local grocery, La Colonia. However,on this trip, I was in the car talking to a friend. I look at the row of cars in front of me, only to see this. The best part is, it actually is his car. Though, I think that's the more surprising fact!

I went inside to grab my groceries, greeted by the security guard at the front entrance. When C went this past week, he picked up my favorite Carr crackers but as we dug in, with our usual cheese and cracker snack, we both practically spit the crackers out at the first bite. They tasted like stale fruit crackers. So I decided to wing it and attempt to return them, without a receipt. Keep in mind, there are no returns here...period. I was already out on a limb.

I approach the "Customer Service" desk and attempt to explain my situation. The employee said she would get her manager. The manager came and then told me to wait as she went to get paperwork. Again, it's as if I'm the local spectacle, as the employees slowly seem to gather at the desk, as if children curiously seeing their favorite Disney character, as they hide behind their parents' backs.

I wait and wait, and finally the first employee explains that I can go shop and then explain to the cashier that I am exchanging a box of crackers. As I collect my items, I carefully select my favorite crackers once again. While checking out, I see my favorite bagger. He is the one I met one of my first weeks here, before I knew that you were supposed to tip any bagger who helps you with your groceries to your car. I learned the hard way and had to return days later to repay him the deserved tip. Now, he is like my "adopted" grandfather. Every time I'm in the store, we greet each other with the usual hug and kiss on the cheek. As I wait for the cashier, we chat about health, work, etc, once again, drawing attention from employees and customers.

Finally, she returns and I ask her if she charged me for the new crackers. "No" she replied, but explained that I needed to wait for her supervisor. Another manager approached, shoving the new box in my hand, already opened, insisting that I try them before I leave the store. Reaching in, I soon tasted a very similar cracker to the first box. I asked what I should do. She said I could taste others but they would most likely be the same. I explained that they tasted like stale fruit, not crackers. The cashier then kindly pointed out to me that the box shows the crackers with cheese and strawberries on them.

Hmmm, well, then what can you do, right? Just another normal day at the grocery store.


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