Sunday, May 22, 2011

Full Blown Attack

Ok, so it's week two of the soccer games. I thought this time I would come prepared. No more flip-flops. Today, only closed-toed shoes. Literally, within seconds of stepping out of our car, this time, armed with two dogs, I was swarmed by the army. Both feet were instantly covered in ants. I couldn't believe it! I must have looked like I was walking on hot coals, as I hopped from foot to foot, whacking the little buggers.

I tried to sit down, attempting to have a "closer" view and this time see them coming. They seemed to leave me alone after they knew I was ready for them. I guess they lost interest, though they clearly left their mark...several. Even now, almost 8 hours later, the redness is increasing and itching intensifying.

However, I was quickly distracted as I was soon swarmed by little boys...and a few drunk men. Everyone was intrigued by Sam and Sophie. They draw quite the attention. "Se muerden?" No, they don't bite....well, only the bad kids. No, just kidding.

The best part was the boys wanted to help in any way they could. They ran to get the dogs water or offer their watermelon. What seemed like the whole neighborhood, offered to walk the dogs. C had to laugh as I would walk to the car and was followed by the remaining boys, who weren't being dragged around by the two dogs. Of course, I was grateful because they were getting more than enough exercise. They looked like sled dogs, pulling a swarm of children, with no sled or snow. :)


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