Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Back Door

At least once a week, a truck comes through our subdivision selling 5 gallon water jugs since it's not safe to drink the tap water here. Now, with two dogs, in a country where a fear of dogs is innate, I find it best to keep the dogs inside when the water is delivered. Since it's rainy season right now, it's much cooler and we get a slight breeze with the doors open. Right now, as I sit writing this, the front door is open, now that the delivery truck is gone, so the dogs can see what's going on outdoors. The front door doesn't have a screen but the back door does. I have to laugh because they have freedom to come and go as they please through the front door that is wide open. Yet, I can hear the screen door slam right now, as Sam insists on asserting his strength and independence to demonstrate who is alpha male.

Don't we tend to do the same thing in our own lives? We have the door to freedom and life held opened for us, as God extends His grace and love, yet we insist on using the back door to exert our independence. It's as if we are saying, "I see the clear option, through the front entrance, but I'm going to find my own way." What's funny is that I actually DO think, at times, that I can find a solution that is better. Doesn't it always end up though that my way was just a detour to lead me back to the original way? Ah, when will I learn?


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