Friday, November 25, 2011

Tegu Thanks

Though the Thanksgiving holiday is not a holiday here, we still wanted to take the day to give thanks for our employees. In the morning, we went to the factory and shared the below video, along with some pumpkin pie and whipped cream--you can't go wrong.

After the video, I was surprised to find myself in tears as I began to tell the employees how much we appreciate them, the inspiration they have been to us and the meaning of their presence in our lives. I'm pretty sure they didn't know what to do either!

We were also blessed to share a Thanksgiving meal at our pastor's home, along with new friends. It's amazing how easy it is to strike up friendships with other foreigners when you are in a different country. Not to mention, it's always easier to bond over a tasty turkey and assortment of other goodness.

After dinner, we returned to the factory so the night shift could also partake in dessert and thanksgiving. Again, we had the opportunity to share our gratitude and appreciation. I was impressed by their response, not only to the video, but also to the pumpkin pie. For many, it was their first tasting.

Even in thanksgiving, we can take many things for granted.


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