Sunday, November 6, 2011

Spanish slips

The good thing about living here is that, unlike my Spanish classes in junior high, I'm using the language on a daily basis. Though you'd think I would have learned a thing or two about my embarrassing vocab slip-ups in those old days. I still remember my experience from my first year in high school. We were studying fruits and vegetables and of course, I was either talking or assuming I already knew the content. So when my teacher called on me and asked "What fruits do you like?", I responded with a confident, "Me gusta las nalgas!"

Two weeks ago, I had a similar experience. I was leading a bible study and in closing, I said, "It helps me remember verses if I write them on put them on my mirror." So then I proceeded to say, in Spanish, "Deben escribirlo en tu esposo." Of course, the response was uproarious laughter. Hey, at least my husband liked the idea. :)


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