Monday, April 16, 2012

To Post or NOT to Post?

I realize that it's a complete faux pas in the blogging world to go more than a day offline. I've found, for me, especially living out the country, it's about a balance between staying "connected" to the my friends and family via the internet world vs. staying connected in the real world--living my life day to day. The tension also lies in what is worth updating folks on about my daily life. Is it worth posting about a minor fender-bender when folks back home may be concerned that it is more than that since I only phrased the details in one sentence? Or shall I tell everyone today about the mundane tasks that fill my schedule--such as, "Currently scraping exploded toothpaste from the bottom of my suitcase"? Better yet, shall I choose to broadcast to all of Facebook that today my dog will be castrated? Is that noteworthy? Or perhaps that today is a bad hair day? Or that there are several people in hunger today while I type about my daily life? Do we post what we think is important or what makes us feel better or what we think others want to hear or what is affecting our world today?

What will you say?


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